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  • Recent Decline in Ticket Sales for the Cubs

    February 13, 2020 by

    Before Spring Training officially begins on Feb. 22 for the Chicago Cubs, as they go up against the Oakland Athletics, it isn’t too late to examine the recent decline in total tickets sold at Wrigley Field. According to Baseball Reference, attendance at Wrigley Field was at it’s peak back in 2008, when a total of… Read more

  • Underperformance Within Chicago’s Public Neighborhood High Schools

    December 5, 2019 by

    By Giovanni Velez & David Astudillo Mark Villaruel graduated in 2015 from Senn High School, and is one voice within a crowd of Chicago Public Schools graduates who are dissatisfied with the education in their districts’ neighborhood high schools. “In general, I don’t believe that CPS and their neighborhood high schools are doing enough to… Read more

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